The Egg (2007)

The surreal journey of a widower trying to find his lost lover.

The 1st Prize goes to The Egg by Nicola Sersale for the capacity of synthesis and the surrealistic lightness with whom in six minutes he had told a story of love and death.” Morando Morandini

1st Prize – Laura Film Festival 2007, Levanto (SP), Italy
2nd Prize – Stai A Corto 2007, Verbicaro (CS), Italy

A short film by Nicola Sersale. Produced by Jennifer Leigh Carson. Assitant Director: Francesco Bori. Directors of Photography: Jack Taylor, Joseph Giffard Tutt. Production Designer: Kei Yamano, Editor: Yasuyuki Otsuki, Artist-In-Residence: Adrian Maganza.