Fanatical (2011)

Project made in collaboration with the National Gallery. We had to choose a painting from the gallery and write a story inspired by the work of the painter. This work was inspired by Giovanni Battista Moroni, A Knight with his Jousting Helmet, about 1554-8.

The first thing that drew my attention to this painting is the subtle way in which the painter describes the knight’s inability to fight by showing his wounded leg, and his armour on the floor. In ‘Fanatical’ I decided to have a modern take on Moroni’s injured knight, creating Pete Foily, a retired football player who had to leave the sporting world because of a serious injury. I also introduced another character that could represent the clear blue sky behind the cracked wall, a reason for Pete to hope for a better future. This character is Akiko, Pete Foily’s enthusiastic Japanese fan. The painting’s colour palette – the whites, greys and light yellows – are very much present in the film. Pete wears a yellow t-shirt with a grey hoodie. The shiny armour on the floor is represented in the film by the silvery cups that lie discarded on Pete’s shelves.

Screened at the Barcelona Sports Film Festival 2011 and shortlisted to appear on the National Gallery website.

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