Sinfini Music: Juice Vocal Ensemble (2014)

They’ve performed all over the world, created three critically-acclaimed albums, and collaborated with the cream of the alt-classical scene. Now, Juice Vocal Ensemble join forces with Sinfini Music to record a new arrangement of The Coventry Carol – a traditional Christmas carol with a distinctive Juice twist.

This electrifying winter session was filmed in Dennis Severs’ house in Spitalfields, a Georgian listed building painstakingly restored by its former owner to recreate life in the 18th century. Its austere starkness makes it the perfect backdrop to Juice’s spine-tingling cover of this mournful Christmas classic.

Directed by Nicola Sersale
Photography by Joseph Giffard Tutt
Filmed by Nicola Sersale & Joseph Giffard Tutt
Edited by Nicola Sersale