Il Tour di Davide (2014)

Written & Directed by Nicola Sersale

Delightful and sweet this short is packed with production value and human spirit. This is a fun and uplifting journey that I enjoyed being on!” Drake Doremus (writer/director “Like Crazy”, “Breathe In”)

David, a city tour guide, leads his faithful tourists into a bizarre and surreal excursion through Rome and its famous landmarks that have witnessed the reasons for his broken heart. directed by Nicola Sersale St Albans Film Festival 2013.

Il Tour di Davide has won the Best Actor prize at the Cortinametraggio Film Festival and had been selected at the 37th Cleveland International Film Festival, Newport Beach Film Festival 2013, 13th Milano International Film Festival 2013, 34th Durban International Film Festival, 53rd Zlìn Film Festival 2013, 43rd Giffoni Film Festival 2013, Budapest Short International Film Festival, Castellaneta Film Festival 2013, Molise Cinema 2013, Pune Short Film Festival 2013, Santa Cruz Film Festival 2013, Adelaide Kids Film Festival 2013.